8th June 2023

AnyROR Gujarat: Streamlining Land Record Management for Transparency and EfficiencyClick to edit, highlight to style.

What is AnyROR Gujarat? 

AnyROR Gujarat is an online platform launched by the Government of Gujarat to provide easy access to land records. ROR stands for "Record of Rights," which contains crucial information related to land ownership, cultivation details, rights, and liabilities. The portal offers a comprehensive digital repository of land records, enabling citizens, landowners, and potential buyers to access relevant information anytime, anywhere.

Benefits and Impact

The implementation of Any ROR Gujarat has brought numerous benefits and has had a significant impact on land-related processes. Firstly, the portal eliminates the need for citizens to visit government offices physically, saving time and effort. It empowers individuals to access land records and obtain necessary certificates, such as 7/12 (property ownership) and 8A (land use) certificates, with just a few clicks.

Secondly, AnyROR Gujarat promotes transparency and accountability in land administration. The online platform ensures that land records are easily accessible to all stakeholders, reducing the scope for corruption, disputes, and fraudulent practices. It enables buyers to verify land ownership details and check for encumbrances before entering into transactions, providing them with confidence and security.

Moreover, the digitalization of land records streamlines administrative processes, reducing paperwork and bureaucracy. It simplifies the process of land-related transactions, such as property transfers, loans, and land partition, thereby improving efficiency and enhancing the overall ease of doing business.

Challenges and Way Forward 

While AnyROR Gujarat has been successful in digitizing land records, challenges persist. One of the key challenges is ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the data uploaded on the portal. Regular data validation and updates are crucial to maintain the integrity of the system and ensure that citizens have access to up-to-date information.

Additionally, awareness and training programs should be conducted to familiarize citizens, particularly those in rural areas, with the portal's functionality and benefits. Efforts should be made to bridge the digital divide and ensure that all individuals, regardless of their digital literacy, can effectively utilize AnyROR Gujarat.


AnyROR Gujarat has emerged as a game-changer in land record management, transforming the way land-related information is accessed and transactions are conducted. By providing a transparent, efficient, and user-friendly platform, the government of Gujarat has empowered citizens and stakeholders, contributing to the overall development and growth of the state.